Laure Elle


I will happily answer to the Frequently Asked Questions, and might add more through time ! Don’t hesitate to communicate with me for questions, business inquiries or partnership.

  1. Which tools do you use for digital art ?
    I work with a Cintiq 13 HD tablet, from Wacom, and a MacBook Pro 2017. My art program is Clip Studio Paint Expert. Sometimes, for small artwork, I also use my iPad 6, an Apple Pencil and Procreate.

  2. Which tools do you use for traditional art ?
    I actually use many tools ! But mostly, I work with pencils and ink (for lineart) and watercolor and color pencils. I can also use Touch and Copic markers and acrylic paint.

  3. For how long have you drawn ?
    Honestly for as long as I can remember. But I think it started to be a deep passion in 2006.

  4. How long does it takes for you to finish an artwork ?
    It really depends of the complexity of the piece. I’m a slow artist as I prefer taking some days to finish a piece (little by little everyday) instead of rushing one shot. I think 6 hours may be fair.

  5. Are you part of XYZ fandom ?
    No. I don’t associate with any fandoms as I prefer working independently according to my interests at the moment. I’m a person of multiple interests, which means you’ll find many subjects in my gallery !

  6. Can I re-share your artworks ?
    Of course ! Be sure to keep my signature visible (as it’s the best way to redirect the creator’s credit) and using it for aesthetic purposes only. You may NOT use my art for profit, impersonation, malicious purpose. You may NOT claim the artworks as yours, nor edit the artworks. Please take note that commissioned artworks are subject to the client’s copyright which means you may NOT use any commissioned artwork. These will be clearly identified.