Laure Elle


Who am I ?

I’m a French Canadian artist of 25 years old ; I love to work both on digital and traditional medias like watercolor, pencils and ink. I’m a Freelance artist which means I draw independently from any organisation. I’m also a full time student, working on a Master in Social Work. I don’t associate myself with any fandom in particular ; I illustrate what makes me happy !

What are my projects ? 

I’m working on several art stories, but I’m trying to figure out which one I’d like to focus on and make a reality. I specialize in humanoid characters such as humans, fairies, elves, anthropomorphic animals, etc.

I’m an artist of Patreon, which means you can subscribe for a small amount of money by month and get, in exchange of your support, access to exclusive content (such as Work In Progress, character studies, concept art, etc). I would also like to develop my online shop to create physical merchandises related to my art.

I used to do a lot of commissions for clients, but in future I’d like to focus more on other projects and develop other ways to make my art a viable source of income. I feel enthusiastic about this and can’t wait to develop further projects !

Your support, as commissioners, patrons or friends is priceless. Every kind of encouragement is welcomed and I will do my best to give you HQ art experience. 

Thank you all